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Azure & Indigo Desert

AZURE and INDIGO play homage to bohemian hearts and artistic feminine souls with their exclusive resort ready brand AZURE by Natalie Centaine and bohemian designer brand INDIGO DESERT.
Exclusively designed by a mother and daughter duo both brands are consciously created to provide ethical, naturally derived, feminine and luxe lifestyle fashion for all ages.
Where AZURE and INDIGO are made:
AZURE and INDIGO collections are designed by hand in Milton on the NSW South Coast. Our collections emphasise quality and comfort without compromising on style.  
Finding companies to manufacture our beautifully hand drawn styles along with our signature embroideries and bespoke prints was a tricky task made even harder knowing this had to be offshore. Our search was extensive and it took us many years to build relationships with the integral teams that help create our designs from paper to garment.
Today we work with small-scale, family-owned manufacturing houses that ensure employees are well paid, have health care for their families and education for children. Factory conditions are not overcrowded and employees work in happy, clean and safe environments. All factories are ethically and sustainably certified by governing world organisations. Each year without notice, each factory is checked personally by our team to ensure employee conditions are of the highest standards. 
Underpinned by soft romantic touches of textural laces over dyed in subtle pastel hues the collection merges breezy pure cottons in an oasis of colourful hand carved prints synonymous with AZURE’S feminine style.
Photographed in an iconic Australian homestead the "Woodlands Oasis” collection is one part rural Australian Jillaroo and two parts hopeless romantic, finding an elusive balance between the two. A place where effortless feminine styling and luxury resort charm drift between the country, city and sea.

Playing homage to bohemian hearts and artistic feminine souls  AZURE and INDIGO DESERT labels were born.

Pure cottons in exotic textures, silks and luxurious woven linen are an ode to our earth, epitomising our philosophy of creating naturally sourced

luxurious fabrics in bespoke designs.  Supporting artisans we consciously design collections with beautiful botanical block prints and subtle embroideries to support traditional Indian craftsmanship.  Always feminine and effortless in design styles are created to transcend generations and occasions.