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Ginger & Smart


Ginger & Smart designs for spirited women whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. A sense of cool confidence and discovery underpins the luxury contemporary design aesthetic of the brand, which seeks to combine the polished and the playful aspects of a woman.

Founded in 2002 by Sydney-based sisters Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, the inspiration to establish the business came from the desire to combine family talent to build a strong fashion-lifestyle brand. With Alexandra’s creative business background as an editor and publisher for high-quality lifestyle magazines, combined with Genevieve’s years spent at the design helm of some of Australia’s most successful fashion businesses, their united industry knowledge covered every possibility for a successful and exciting fashion venture.

Ginger & Smart combines captivating design with the finest quality materials and first rate manufacturers.


The GINGER & SMART SS18 Parallel Collection explores the importance

of connection; to each other, ourselves and to nature and the parallels

between art and science that connect us all. The Parallel Collection

emotionally connects with women through colour, texture, silhouette,

ethics and authenticity