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Stunning New Spring Summer 19 Rubyyaya Presale & New Arrivals!

Story 1 - July Delivery - Field of Dreams

Story 2 - August Delivery - Botanica

Story 3 - September Delivery - Primavera

Story 4 - October Delivery - Copacabana

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Gypsy Soul - She was a blessed with a Golden Soul and a Gypsy Heart.

Uninhibited and Raw

She wore the Sun in her Smile and buried the starts in her Heart.

But she was far from wild she was completely at peace

Within herself and the world - Becca Lee

The collection this season is absolutely stunning with beautiful embroidery, embellishments and stunning beading and trims. Beautiful Jackets, Dresses, Tops, Kaftans, Skirts, Maxi Dresses and embellished pants. We stock a huge selection of this stunning range in our Boutique and are also Premium Online stockists for the Rubyyaya Cotton & Globetrotter collection. This stunning range with their gorgeous beading sequins and embellishments make a statement and can be dressed up or down to make the perfect outfit for all occasions!

 Rubyyaya celebrates the duo’s love of travel and artisanal products while promoting fair labour practices. Rubyyaya is designed to offer countless combinations of effortless elegance. The Rubyyaya brand targets an attitude rather than age and offers a refreshing sense of escape.

The lifestyle brand originated in Australia is now distributed internationally in U.S., U.K., Germany, Greece, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Dubai, N.Z. and Mauritius.