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Naudic clothing and lifestyle: products for dreamy days and exotic adventures, helping you bring back life into all that you do. Naudic customers love to combine the fullness of life, work, family, entertainment and travel, and Naudic creator Emma Puttick and her diverse team keep this in mind each season as they create their collections. Feminine with a bit of edge, the fashion line allows the Naudic woman to express herself in her own unique way. Likewise, the lifestyle line provides a dose of vibrancy for the home.

The Vintage by Naudic is a fresh range is based on nature's palette, inspired by our travels in the energy-giving world around us. Soft, muted tones draw on scenes set in sand dunes, forest, sea and sky. Delicate detailing, hand-stitched embroideries, contrasting stitching and a harmonious pop of colours give Vintage by Naudic an urban boho feel. 

The Collections feature Dresses, Tops, Tunics, Skirts, Slips, Jackets in a range of block colours such as Moonbeam, Black, White, Aqua & Navy as well as a gorgeous prints! Enjoy shopping from this fabulous collection we are excited to be online stockist's for the Naudic and Vintage by Naudic collections.