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Binny - ORANGE PIPPIN Ruffle Dress - Les Fruite

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Binny - ORANGE PIPPIN Ruffle Dress - Les Fruite

The CEO of Binny HQ is Ollie. His favourite snack is apples. Its amazing how many such a small person can put away. So hence the name Orange Pippin, renowned to be the finest apple of all time. (Although we tend to think a Pink Lady from the Adelaide Hills is a stronger contender for that title but this name was more appropriate). We would love to one day have a beautiful orchard and stroll along plucking our apples, oranges and lemons like the Belles of St Clements but with this drought that will have to wait.

So back to business. This is a wonderful soft cotton tiered ruffled frock with seersucker contrast stripe ties that you can adjust to how much cleavage or leg you wish to show. Its as cute as a cucumber/ citrus fruit.

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